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Canceled - Canceled - Canceled- Canceled

The Fall 2011 EYH Conference at UCSC is canceled.

Look for an EYH Conference near you at:



– EYH at UCSC –
Click here to see the Conference in action!

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Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conferences began over 35 years ago through the EYH Network at Mills College in Oakland, California. Conferences are now held annually at campuses throughout the United States and around the world.




EYH Conference in the News

UCSC's 10th Annual EYH Conference in Science, Math and Engineering for 9th – 12th grade girls was on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. The conference was well attended by high school girls from Santa Cruz County and beyond. The day began with a fabulous presentation by Danielle Feinberg, Pixar Animation Studios, who discussed the intersection of art & science in her presentation "The Science Behind Movie Making: To Infinity and Beyond!" Girls attended two workshops during the day led by women professionals, academics and graduate researchers in the science and engineering fields. Each workshop provided a hands-on experience, giving the girls a taste of scientific careers and/or research.

Click here to read the Santa Cruz Sentinel EYH conference feature.

Check out this recent pre-conference article.

Click here for view our 2010 photo gallery.

UCSC brings Science & Math to Youth in the Community

The mission of the EYH Program at UCSC is to encourage young women from diverse backgrounds to enroll in science and math course in high school by nurturing and raising their interest in how science and math influence the world around.

The EYH Program strives to give young women a broad and stimulating vision of the future and introduce them to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) while they still have time to make educational and career choices. Outreach efforts are focused on 9th – 12th grade young women.

We accomplish our mission 2 ways: The annual EYH Conference and the local schools' outreach and leadership program, EYH Ambassadors.

Do you attend high school in Santa Cruz County?
If so, consider becoming an EYH Ambassador!

EYH Ambassadors

Young women who attend high school in Santa Cruz County and demonstrate an interest in STEM may apply to be EYH Ambassadors.

EYH Ambassadors participate in hands-on STEM activities and tours designed especially for them to increase their awareness of STEM careers. Ambassadors gain valuable leadership skills by sharing the opportunities available through the UCSC EYH Program with science and math teachers at their schools and with 9th – 12th grade girls who they know or meet throughout the community. [More]

EYH Conference

Since 2000, UC Santa Cruz has hosted an annual EYH conference for high school girls. The daylong conference, which attracts over 200 participants, includes an opening session with an inspirational and entertaining female keynote speaker followed by morning and afternoon hands-on experiential workshops lead by women professionals and researchers in STEM careers. Click here for view our 2010 photo gallery.

STEM Lectures and Activities

We will continue to post announcements about STEM activities in our community that are open to the public.

Click here for a list of upcoming STEM events